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Our Story

For many years, Dave Clee from USGM Ponti World had been organising annual gatherings of American cars in various locations, such as Narrandera and Tumut in NSW, providing entrants with an interesting, fun and memorable experience.

In 2019, the Camaro Firebird Owners Club of Australia was honoured and a little overwhelmed when Dave asked the us to take over the reins for the future events.

Despite the club's best efforts, the 2020 event in Tumut was postponed and ultimately cancelled due to COVID.

The club then focused on the next event in 2022 and chose to move to another location to offer entrants a new and different experience. With a new location, came a new event name, being the Camaro & Firebird Nationals - or more commonly known as the CFNATS.

The 2022 CFNATS event was well attended and successfully held in Albury NSW, hence our return in 2024 and following years.

Albury is a great location and offers many different experiences for our entrants, such as historical places, wine region, track event and much more. It has also been enjoyable for the organising committee, working closley with sponsors, local businesses, and the community.

It was pleasing to hear Dave Clee commend our club, at the 2022 presentation dinner, for our outstanding dedication and commitment to the event and for continuing with his legacy and passion for American cars.

Below are some pictures from Dave Clee's past USGM events.

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